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MI CSR Commitment

MI CSR Commitment

Maeden Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment:

Since our establishment, Maeden Innovation has been committed to excellence in our craft as professional tinsel wire manufacturers while simultaneously striving for excellence in corporate social responsibility for sustainability via building strong relationships with our employees, clientele, suppliers and our community.
Our Commitment:   
Transparency In Management
Maeden Innovation emphasizes transparency and holds ourselves to a higher standard; all inappropriate conduct is forbidden and illegitimate profiteering hindering fair trade is strictly prohibited.
Development and Care of Employees:
Maeden Innovation supports equality in all aspects as outlined in the International Bill of Human Rights; gender equality, workplace ethics and anti-harassment protocols are strictly enforced. Maeden Innovation is dedicated to the upholding of a fair and equal workplace, while maintaining a relaxed and casual environment. Maeden Innovation is also devoted to the development and betterment of its employees in all aspects.
Social Outreach Programs:
Our core values at Maeden Innovation include fairness and social betterment; through our Tsun Chien Education Foundation, Maeden Innovation gives back to society via scholarships, necessary suppliers and volunteers to assist underprivileged students that deserve the opportunity to equal education, and provide supplies in times of emergency.
Maeden Innovation complies with all international sustainability initiatives, committing ourselves to preserving the planet the best we can, integrating green initiatives into our decision making process to ensure the sustainability of our world for generations to come.

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