Maeden Innovation Co., Ltd.

About Us



Quality Policy:

Under the concept of “integrity, innovation, and sustainability”, we will comprehensively promote the “Quality Management System” activities and pursue continuous improvement and problem prevention to achieve continuous improvement processes, reduce defects, reduce waste, and improve quality and productivity, and customer satisfaction level. We are committed to:
  • Through attendance of all staff, Maeden implements quality system to meet international standard.
  • Promote our management philosophy and quality policy. By setting goals of quality, we can keep improving and enhance the sense of quality in Maeden.
  • As clients and laws demand, we satisfy them through quality policy and excellent service.

Environment Policy and Occupational Safety and Health Policy :

The management philosophy of Maeden is environmentally friendly and live with earth, all the staff has to implement it. Executing the management projects, we try our best to reduce the conflict to environment among activities, production, and services to achieve the goals of eco-friendly. Maeden promises to obey the policies below:
  • Observe Regulation
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Use Resources
  • Strengthen workplace safety
  • Zero tolerance in workplace violence

Over the past 25 years, Maeden Innovation has built an established reputation of superior quality. With rigorous testing processes and tight quality control, we pride ourselves on providing products that have been tested grades higher than industry standards. Maeden works with the latest technology in the industry. Therefore, we have created innovative and rigorous testing techniques—with customized equipment, not accessible to other industry suppliers.

In addition, our patented products deliver advantages of protected technology that are sure to out-perform your competitors. Therefore, we offer products with unmatched quality as our wires are proven to have more flexibility, structure, strength, and higher temperature resistance than industry competitors. We are ISO 9001 certified in August 2001 and ISO 14001 certified in October 2004. Maeden has received the official IATF 16949:2016 certificate in October 2018 and ISO 14001:2015 in November 2018.

Maeden Innovation is pleased to contribute to the quality of your products that deliver the high-performance your customers expect. We work with your designers and engineers to find the best products, designs and tests for your very specific and unique needs. Our "Total Solution" saves you time and resources by combining expert design with uncompromised quality.
IATF 16949:2016 Certificate ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
July 1998, Maeden became the first speaker tinsel lead wire factory that obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification. Maeden obtained ISO 14001 certification in year 2004.