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Maeden Tinsel
Unlike the solid wire, the tinsel wire is made by wrapping several strands of thin copper foil around a textile core, and it is a form of electrical wire used for applications where maximum durability is desired. And general speaking, tinsel wire typically outlasts standard stranded wire by a factor of at least 50 times.

Because the copper foil applied on the tinsel wire is very thin, it is extremely flexible. To obtain a consistent thin dimension of the copper foil is hard to come by, but Maeden manage to self develop a roller machine to achieve the consistent superb quality. The extreme thinness of the foil and the wrapping structural design will reduce the maximum bend radius imposed on the copper foil during motion, which leads to a low probability of metal fatigue. Meanwhile, the fabric textile core wrapped by the copper foil provides high tensile strength. And because of its extreme flexibility, tensile wire will hardly fail due to the metal fatigue or break compare to solid wires.

Despites its wonderful durability feature, the average standard tinsel wire had some serious disadvantage. Since tinsel wires are made by thin copper foil, when compare with solid wire, tinsel wire will have slightly higher current resistance, it will be harder to solder and tinned during wire end process because of its low endurable temperature. But Maeden manage to overcome these difficulties and still obtain the wonderful durable feature of tinsel wire.

Over years of research, Maeden managed to find solution to overcome the traditional tinsel wire weakness.
When compare to the other manufacture tinsel wire, Maeden tinsel wires
  • Has 3-5 times (depend on model) better bending and metal fatigue endurance.
  • Higher temperature endurance, it will survive any extreme solder & tinned condition such as lead free solder.
  • Better anti-oxidation, Maeden applied special chemical treatment over our tinsel wire so it can remain its proper function for long time when exposed to air.
  • Easy to be soldered, and can be soldered directly on towards metallic surfaces without extra crimp process.
  • Special construction will be able to obtain low conductor resistant that other tinsel could not achieve.

If you would like to find out more detail about our tinsel wire or have inquiry on certain dimension tinsel wire, feel free to contact us and we will have our representative respond you within 24 hrs.