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Maeden Miniature, Litz Wire Shielding Technique

SOTA – Maeden miniature / litz wire shielding technique

Maeden miniature / litz wire shielding technique
Shielding for wire and cables are usually involved with significant space consumption, and because of this reason, miniature wires often don’t have shielding to protect them against signal interference due to the limited space restriction. But with Maeden’s shielding technique for miniature wires, it’s a different story.

The Maeden shielding technique, it can efficiently protect the miniature wires from the outer signal interference without the significant increment of the overall outer diameter. And unlike the usual shielding technique in the wire cable industry, where it will increased the overall stiffness of the cable and reduce in flexibility, our shielding technique for miniature wire offers the efficient coverage with incredible flexibility. And even in the case of shielding breaks down, it will not damage any part of the cable where in comparison the broken sharp edge of the traditional shielding wires will destruct the inner cable.

Our shielding technique is great for miniature wires such as litz wires, or be idea to apply on the small dimension cable like headphone or microphone cable. The unlimited possibility is for you to discover, if you felt that our shielding technique service is suitable on your cable device, or you would like to get an inquiry, detail information on this, feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will reply you within the next 24 hours.