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The Unbreakable Cable Tinsel Shielding Technique

SOTA – Unbreakable & flexible shielding method

Unbreakable shielding
It is clearly no secret that when you want your cable to be shielded, no matter by what type of shielding, certain measure of overall cable flexibility will have to surrender. Furthermore, when such shielded cable is exposed under certain extreme bending condition, the shortage causing by inner wire contact will greatly increase because of the broken shape edge of the shielding wire, which will likely to penetrate other aspect of the cable when they broke.

Our unbreakable shielding provides you a great alternative when considering shielding for your cable. By applying our special tinsel know-how, we developed an unbreakable shielding method which has the similar flexibility as if the cable is without shielding. Our unbreakable shielding layer outperforms any traditional shielding technique; its coverage can go up to 90% and above, an effective protection against signal interference. It is virtually indestructible under bending motion, and even if it breaks, it will not damaging other cable parts by penetration of its broken parts.

This unbreakable technique will be ideal for cable that requires countless bending and high flexibility. If you felt this technique is the one for your cable, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional detail and inquiry.