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Medical Cable

Medical Cable

Maeden's cable manufacture and customization service offer the best medical cables and cable products for our customers in various industries, and for years we hardly received any complain. Since medical cables require the finest manufacture quality with zero tolerance for error, Maeden applies only the finest tinsel conductors in our medical cables for best quality performances.
Our medical cables have been rigorously tested to make sure they have the best flexibility, flex-fatigue, and non-fraying characteristics. The cable insulation is treated to withstand corrosion, human sweat, oxidation, and has high-temperature resistant, flame retardant, self-extinguishing properties. Because we understand how rough the situation can go in any given accident, and only the best cables can undergo the most extreme usages.

  • ECG / EKG cable
  • Maeden ECG cable itself is employed with solder-friendly tinsel for easy end soldering processing; it can be directly soldered on the metallic surface without the extra crimping process. The solder joint can hold at least 40lbs or tensile strength, and it is designed for lead free soldering. Maeden can manufacture ECG cable's specifications to any dimension.

  • EEG cable
  • When patients wear the EEG cap with dozens of cables on their heads, we believe they wouldn't feel comfortable when the cables are stiff and heavy. That is why we designed our EEG cables in extreme tiny dimensions with light weight, and with silky smooth insulations which give great flexibility and bending endurance to it. With cables being small and light-weighted, it doesn't necessary mean they are weak. For example, one of our EEG cable has about 0.7mm OD but it holds at least 8.8lb of forces with extreme bending endurance. So please feel free to contact us for any inquiry, and make your patients’ lives easier with our soft, light weighted EEG cables.

  • Flat ribbon cable for medical use
  • Our flat ribbon cables can be made in much smaller dimensions than other manufacturers can and yet still retain its great bending endurance with great damping ability. It also has greater impedance tolerance than average tinsel ribbon cables.

  • Other medical cable
  • We are also supplying the following cables in custom made specifications base on client requests, and if you don't see the medical cable you are looking for, please send us your inquiry and our representative will assist you.

    - Carbon cable
    - Sensor cable
    - Endoscope cable
    - Cable for portable or stationed biofeedback system
    - Medical machinery cable

    All our products are customized base on customer’s requests. Please send us inquiry for particular type of medical cable you are looking for.