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Industrial Special Applications

Industrial Special Applications

Maeden's cable customization services offer the best cable products for our customers in various industries, and for years we hardly received any complain. If you are looking cables requires extreme bending and flexibility characteristic, such as cables for robots or fabrics, you have found the right manufacturer, please send us your inquiry.

  • Robotic Cable
  • Maeden's robotic cable is ideal for all kinds of robot, because they are thin, strong and almost unbreakable. No matter what direction your robot joint has to bend, or making a 360 degree all-around action, you can always count on our robotic cables. Worry that our cables may not be suitable for you? We can customize our robotic cables to fit your need with 100% preciseness.

  • Conductor weaved into fabric
  • Since we are moving into mobility future, combining electronic component into clothing fabric seems to be an inevitable trend. That is why Maeden work relentlessly to develop our cable products with more flexible, enduring feature. Now we have successfully developed a conductor that can be weaved to majority clothing fabrics, and without doubt the conductor we used at the state-of-the-art product that has extreme fatigue and bending resistances. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and we are more than happy to assist you.