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Die Casting

Die Casting

Maeden is a professional joint partner of aluminum alloy parts by die casting.

Advantages of die cast:
Heat Sink
Aluminum alloy is a kind of high heat conductive metal. It has great heat dissipation. Applying aluminum alloy to nacelle housing would have a great effect of heat dissipation from inside to out of nacelle. It would prevent an abnormal rise in temperature when the wind power generator rotates long time and high speed.

Die-Casting is good for mass production and cost effective. FRP is a difficult material for mass production, production cost is high.

Mechanical properties of aluminum alloy are better than those of plastics. Besides Aluminum alloy is lightweight.

High Precision
Die-Casting is a good method to produce high precision and smooth surface parts.

Aluminum alloy is more weatherable than plastics and iron. It has long durable years.

Aluminum alloy is recyclable

Main Product:
• Speaker Basket and Front plate
• Heat Sink
• Monitor Panel
• Wind Power Generator
• Other Parts

Maeden provides product design, mold development, precision post-processing, and welcomes you to provide design drawings or samples for joint development. We will do our best to meet your needs for different material processing and surface treatment.