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Have you ever had a perfect sound experience?

To reach sound perfection , you need not only good quality speaker and wire, but also exceptional crossover. The high-quality crossover can connect the middle, high and low sound very accurately and smoothly to deliver theater-like experiences.

Maeden have 30 years' experience in the key components of speakers such as tinsel lead wire, but the perfect sounds need to combined every single components together in order to have the best melody combination, that's why Maeden also invent and invest in a cross-over business. Maeden studied every single components on the crossover, from capacitor to material of wire coil, we understand the physics to make a one simple components can play a role to make a huge different just like our tinsel.

Main Product:
• Hi-Fi Crossover
• Aftermarket Crossover
• PA Crossover
• OEM Automotive Crossover