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Speaker Basket and Front plate

Speaker Basket and Front Plate

For serious musicians and the musical professionals in the music industry, having instruments that last longer, that sound extraordinarily good, and that are strong and sturdy is very important.

A high-quality amplifier should be able to produce sound as clearly and stable as they can, which is why many manufacturers of amplifiers are now going for aluminum casting for parts.

Maeden is a joint partnership supplier of aluminum alloy parts by Die-Casting. Aluminum Die-Casting parts are applicable to Speaker Frame and have many advantages for sound performance.

Advantages of Aluminum Die-Casting Speaker Frame:
High Precision
Aluminum Die-Casting is a good way to produce high precision shapes to make the products fit and function better.
Speaker Frame needs to hold the weights of the speaker, so we need to use the materials with strong support and strength of the speaker frame that’s better than plastics.

Although plastic materials are cheaper than alloys, its quality is however easily affected by manufacturing conditions, environmental heat, chemical or ultraviolet light, it is prone to aging and embrittlement problems, have a short service life, in contrast of long-term stability of Aluminum Die-Casting materials.
Alloy is the best choice for long term solution.

The aluminum Die-Casting Speaker Frame is stronger than plastic, which prevents the frame from deforming and prevents the sound quality from being easily distorted.

High Precision
Plastics take a long time to decompose naturally, causing serious environmental problems due to the increase of solid waste; some plastics may release harmful substances or endocrine disruptors under certain conditions, endangering the reproduction of living things.
Aluminum Die-Casting can be recycled and reused, is 100% green material is the best material to replace plastic in anyway.

Maeden provides product design, mold development, precision post-processing, and welcomes you to provide design drawings or samples for joint development. We will do our best to meet your needs for different material processing and surface treatment.