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Tinsel wire

Tinsel Wire

Maeden offers various type of Tinsel Wires for our client to chose, no matter what the purpose is, we are sure we will have the right product for you.
Tinsel Wire outlasts standard stranded wire by a factor of 50 times, and Maeden International LTD. offers the best tinsel wire that market could of offer. So no matter what your requirement is, let us know and we will make it happen.

Raw material
Maeden offers various typed of raw copper material to our customer, and the level of which material apply in is base on customer’s request and concern. From pure copper to silver plated copper alloy, we will definitely find the right material for you.

Textile yarn
As you may have already known, the textile yarn that’s being wrapped around by thin copper foil is the heart of the tinsel wire. Without it, tinsel wire is no longer a tinsel wire and it will be very fragile. Besides the ordinary aramid fiber which can be found every where, we common used an special aramid fiber that provides better elastic property than regular aramid. We have also invented the special KA textile for better end solder purpose, it can be directly solder on to the metallic surface without the extra crimping process. We also have more extreme pulling and soldering strength textile such as KC. Other then above textile, we are also developing new textile which able to perform better.

Wire construction
The most common construction for tinsel are stranded and woven. But we manage to invented new type in order to solve our customer' dilemma, such as our H-2 type, and be sure to check our JY wire. Not just that, we will able to use our new self developed machine to produce a unique construction and increase it's durability.

Tinsel Wire treatment
Because we understand the importance of surface treatment and the uncertainty of the place where the wire is being installed, we offer several wire treatment solutions to meet your needs. The wire treatment we applied will prevents wire from oxidization and provides lubrication that improves flex-life. And all of our treatments are self-extinguishing and flame-retardant.

Precut & tinned
The precut & tinned service is available upon request, just simply give us the dimension of you want it to be done. Our states of art tinned machine can make sure we tinned it with quality and consistent.