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Litz/Enamel Wire
Litz / Enamel wire

Litz / Enamel Wire

Maeden offers various type of Litz Wire and Enamel Wire for our client to chose, no matter what the purpose is, we are sure we will have the right product for you.

There are basically two category of Litz wire or enamel wire Maeden has to offer, first is the standard Litz wire which you are familiar with, and second is our special constructed Litz wire type. All Litz wire and enamel wire wire can be pre-cut and tinned according to your requirement base upon request, please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

1st type – the standard Litz Wire / Enamel Wire
Maeden offers Litz Wire / Enamel Wire in various Awg, different chemical coating, and wide range of raw copper material. Simply tell us what type and dimension of the wire you are looking for, where the wire is going to apply, and we will take care the rest.

2nd type – the unique Maeden Litz Wire / Enamel Wire
If you are looking for Litz Wire / Enamel Wire that requires great bending endurance and certain tensile strength, Maeden wire is the one you need. We took the ordinary Litz Wire and combine it with our special wire know-how to create such amazing product. It has roughly 3 times better tensile strength and 10 times better bending endurance than the standard Litz Wire. If you are interested please send us the inquiry about it.
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