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IEM Cable

IEM Cable

Maeden is supplying a very flexible, highly customized, high-clarity, high-performance, corrosion-resistant earphone for client. At the heart of it, aramid fibers provide the strength factor that is essential in daily use. It comes in various configurations to suit all users, using gold plated 3.5mm jacks for the ultimate audio experience. The two pin and MMCX connectors provide versatility for terminal applications.

True unidirectional copper, crystal free from impurities to prevent corrosion.
- Flexibility and fatigue resistance without impairing conductive characteristics.
- Low electrical resistance.
- Rapid signal transmission.

- Tough aramid core fiber/LCP provides strength and resistance.
- Two Pin, MMCX or T2 Connector options at earphone side.
- Standard 3-pole, 4-pole 3.5mm/2.5mm plug and 5-pole 4.4mm Sony plug compatible.
- Lightning plug available.
- Corrosion resistant outer jacket provides protection for daily use.
- Tinsel, OCC, Silver-plated OCC, Pure Silver or Gold Plated Copper available

Ordering Information
- Color: Clear, Standard or other colors available on request
- Standard packaging: consult Maeden for details
- Ordering description: Please specify product name, size, color and packaging