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JY Wire
JY wire

JY Wire

Maeden offers various type of Wires for our client to chose, no matter what the purpose is, we are sure we will have the right product for you.

What is JY Wire?
JY Wire is the wire that obtains the perfect balance between the flexibility and DCR tolerance; it is derived from the latest tinsel wire technologies with the contemporary wire concept. General speaking, JY wire is designed for the situation where the device requires small OD, moderate bending, and standard level of DCR tolerance.

JY Wire is the Maeden's exclusive patent newly developed technology, it is yet to be find at anywhere else. For inquiry, please contact us through email and our representative will reply with you within the next 24 hours.

When compare with tinsel wire
When compare with the regular tinsel wire, JY wire can offer the same direct current resistance performance with 40% smaller outer diameter. And because of its construction, JY wire offers better elastic characteristic than most types of wire.

When compare with solid wire
Since JY Wire is derived from the tinsel wire, it offers a significant better flexibility and bending endurance than the solid wire.